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October 2015


Click here  Japanese multinationals to develop ICT-based traffic systems for Cambodia

Click here  EU-funded INSIGHT project develops traffic and disaster monitoring app

Click here  Nissan unveils prototype vehicle to test ‘Piloted Drive 1.0’ on public highways

Click here  USDOT awards US$500m of TIGER grants to 39 transportation projects

Click here  California adopts 114 cycling and walking projects for ‘active transportation’ funding

Click here  New machine-learning technology can detect driver distraction

Click here  Prague includes V2X systems in new traffic management project

Click here  New software helps operators manage city truck bans and events

Click here  European ‘naturalistic driving’ project gets nine-month extension

Click here   App uses road-weather data for usage-based insurance scoring

Click here  Intelligent geospatial video surveillance system protects California tunnels

Click here  Copenhagen launches 'Smart City' project

Click here  Highways England extends contract for its Program Investment Tool

Click here  TDM protocol selected as a finalist for national toll interoperability

Click here  Wireless detection system gains GDOT Qualified Product Approval

Click here   New multi-phase Blank Out Signs provide savings over full matrix DMS

Click here  Real-time road weather system combines video and visibility analytics

Click here  Pan-European project to create one-stop-shop mobility services

Click here  New diesel taxis to be banned from central London from 2018

Click here  Innovative lighting system to debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Click here  Survey shows UK drivers willing to use intelligent speed-control technology

Click here  NSW government to offer travel data for next generation apps

Click here  USDOT funds app to make crossing the street safer

Click here  PennDOT pilot equips over 700 snowplows with AVL system

Click here  Singapore seeks collaborators to create multimodal journey planner

Click here  Industry partners call for official EV charging point road signage

Click here  ‘Hands-free is not risk free’, says distracted-driving report

Click here  Traffic information software compatible with European eCall system

Click here  Greenwich launches Smart City Strategy

Click here  Three people a day die on UK's rural roads

Click here  New partnership launches next-generation EV charging services platform

Click here  Bi-state partnership provides travel-times for Washington and Oregon

Click here  French group takes over on-street parking services in Amsterdam

Click here  UK's Transport Research Laboratory begins new autonomous vehicle research program

Click here  Turkish city uses PTZ cameras to augment traffic management system

Click here  New York City selects partner to design its Connected Vehicle Pilot Program

Click here  New automated fast charging system for electric buses launched at Busworld

Click here  Transport for London opens first section of North-South Cycle Superhighway

Click here  London borough enforces moving traffic offences with unattended system

Click here  US Transportation Secretary releases draft National Freight Strategic Plan

Click here   Wide-area wireless smart parking system deployed in Belarusian capital

Click here  New global partnership promoting crash avoidance technologies

Click here  Austria expanding its average-speed control network

Click here  Tel Aviv NTA Mass Transit System announces public tender for signals planning software

Click here  Speed enforcement supplier restructures for future growth

Click here   Pittsburgh to study CMU-developed adaptive traffic signal control technology

Click here   New pedestrian safety system helps drivers brake and take evasive action

Click here  Court rules that smartphones are not taximeters

Click here  German transport planning group moves into South America

Click here  Traffic management systems leader expands into Canada

Click here   Elektrobit to develop Augmented Reality software as a standalone company

Click here  Tesla’s upgraded Autopilot system another step closer to autonomous driving

Click here  Dart Charge ORT system saves drivers 90 minutes a week

Click here  NHTSA to consider truck safety systems legislation

Click here  Australia to study impact of automated vehicles on its roads

Click here  Canadian partnership to create real-time traffic visualizations of cities

Click here  New network camera uses Sony sensor for traffic monitoring applications

Click here  UK traveler experience study identifies need for ‘Intelligent Mobility’

Click here  Partners announce first deployment of SDVs in the USA

Click here  Traffic management project aims to improve Manchester’s air quality

Click here  Ontario to test automated vehicles on its roads

Click here  Central Florida upgrades to next-generation ETC technology

Click here  First Diversity Award made at 2015 ITS World Congress

Click here  Internationally-renowned ITS experts establish CAV consultancy

Click here  Bosch investing US$455m annually to develop the battery of the future

Click here  Audi uses UR:BAN project to create safer and smoother city driving

Click here  UK-developed speed enforcement radar deployed in Taiwan tunnel project

Click here  Singapore announces two self-driving vehicle projects

Click here  European organizations launch Mobility-as-a-Service Alliance

Click here  Ford and Russian university develop advanced vehicle communication system

Click here  Pennsylvania orders new statewide Road Weather Information Network

Click here  Ten UK universities collaborate on autonomous vehicle research program

Click here  Spain’s Traffic Department awards three new contracts

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: ITS "at crucial tipping point" closing ceremony of World Congress told

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: ITS World Congress closes with call for AI to enable data sharing

Click here  Toyota tests Highway Teammate automated concept vehicle in Tokyo

Click here  Bavarian study reveals value of floating car data

Click here   English and Dutch agencies to implement Europe’s largest integrated ATMS

Click here  Transport for London retains modelling software provider

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: UK's most technologically advanced police car ever unveiled, with promise of seamless connectivity

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: Finnish ski team to utilize prototype connected-vehicle road-weather system

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: Hydrogen bicycles to be optimised through connected signals

Click here  Successful demonstration of C-ITS system completed ahead of Finland pilot

Click here  Volvo to accept full liability for its autonomous vehicles

Click here  Transport Scotland awards contract to deliver integrated service across road network

Click here  Three new commercial partners to collaborate on connected vehicle and ITS projects

Click here   EXCLUSIVE: European space industry announces new dawn for ITS in 2016

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: Connected vehicle systems will be bought as ‘satnav’ style add-ons, World Congress told

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: New EV technology will use real-time traffic information to optimize battery usage

Click here  Greater Paris region to use floating car data to manage road network

Click here  ‘Game-changing’ V2X radar system launched at World Congress

Click here  Tolling leader expanding intelligent mobility developments

Click here  Xerox confirms success of VPDS pilot and signs MoU with MHI

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: Connected Motorcycle Consortium launched at ITS World Congress

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: Groundbreaking truck platooning project to spearhead greater EU cooperation on autonomous vehicle standards

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: High level ITS leaders call for faster deployment of technology

Click here  Partners to co-develop efficient mobility, car sharing and HOV systems

Click here  Volvo unveils autonomous driving interface for Drive Me project

Click here  Council deploys hosted CCTV system to enforce truck weight restrictions

Click here  New analytics service uses camera network to detect inclement weather

Click here  International transportation ministers agree to greater cooperation at ITS World Congress

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: ITS World Congress opens with call for visionary leadership

Click here  EXCLUSIVE: First autonomous trip on an open road in France reaches finish line at ITS World Congress

Click here  England's High Court to rule if smartphones are taximeters

Click here  Mercedes Actros automated production truck drives on public highway

Click here  Electric bus uptake gets boost in Washington State and Oregon

Click here  Swiss start-up to demonstrate AV fleet control software at World Congress

Click here  Siemens releases new cloud-based traffic management module

Click here  European cooperative ITS project to continue for another year

Click here  French city pilots next-generation public transport payment system

Click here  Enforcement equipment supplier announces orders in the USA and France

Click here  Animal-vehicle collision warning system launches in Finland

Click here  Tolling systems to be modernized on Delaware River bridges

Click here  More US states to study road user charging to fund transport initiatives

Click here  Chile continues expansion of ETC and ITS on Pan-American Highway

Click here  Toyota to introduce world's first DSRC-based V2X system in production cars

Click here  Automated Networked Transport system to be demonstrated at ITS World Congress

Click here  FHWA awards WIM contract for pavement research program


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