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September 2014


Click here  London to get UK's largest deployment of SafeZone cameras

Click here  New parking sensor provides vehicle counts on ramps and cross-sections

Click here  Indian toll management system upgraded

Click here  Multistate traveler information website wins ITS award

Click here  UN Climate Summit wants to increase EVs in cities

Click here  Camera system combines 360-degree overview and detailed zoom

Click here  Integration of parking systems brings faster enforcement

Click here  Partnership combines mapping and navigation with ADAS

Click here  European funding improves roads in Macedonia

Click here  Q-Free completes acquisition of Open Roads Consulting

Click here  Gloucestershire CC upgrades street lighting software

Click here  360-degree radar concept unveiled

Click here  New Ford is packed with intelligent features

Click here  Minnesota truck-parking pilot project targets drowsy driving

Click here  Compass4D project’s operational phase starts in Greece

Click here  OmniAir Consortium gets five new members

Click here  HA reappoints ERT support service provider

Click here  Autonomous driving features demonstrated on concept truck

Click here  V2X chipset goes into mass-production

Click here  Big Data to improve Detroit public transport

Click here  New release of TRANSYT software available

Click here  Truck cab design could save lives

Click here  Supplier named for London’s new digital speed and red light cameras

Click here  University of Michigan's leadership circle for connected vehicles grows

Click here  New North American distributors for TRL traffic modeling software

Click here  Award-winning wireless system routes drivers around congested roadways

Click here  Double award for Qatar's Most Innovative ITS

Click here  London to upgrade speed and red light camera network

Click here  Project develops semi-automated accident-avoiding vehicle

Click here  Work starts on Georgia’s Northwest Corridor Express lanes

Click here  North Yorkshire deploys cloud-based parking system

Click here  Suppliers welcome news of GM’s first ‘connected car’

Click here  London's tunnel control systems to be modernized

Click here  Mercedes AVs learning US traffic regulations

Click here  ABC process to be used on I-84 bridge project

Click here  PND sales fell in 2013, while navigation app users rose

Click here  Second bank to process tolls on India’s ETC system

Click here  Road safety group warns of dangers from 'smart watch' use

Click here  Pennsylvania town deploys License-Plate Enabled parking ecosystem

Click here  New street lighting system can be linked to traffic flow

Click here  Predictive traffic-modeling developer wins ASPIRE Prize

Click here  Multi-platform autonomous-driving hardware demonstrated

Click here  'Pinch Point' program reducing congestion in England

Click here  Michigan wins ITS America Awards

Click here  Dubai wins IBTTA Award

Click here  UK partnership launches work-zone safety systems

Click here  Three companies get AV testing permits in California

Click here  Partnership aims to integrate LPR technologies

Click here  Next-generation toll collection back-office system launched

Click here  HA signs MoU with coach operator

Click here  Next-generation ADAS cameras to launch in 2018

Click here  The ITS Hall of Fame gains nine new names

Click here  Automaker takes stake in real-time information company

Click here  New fisheye network cameras have IR capability

Click here  Demonstrations map the future of smarter cities

Click here  Bi-states bridge board selecting toll systems provider

Click here  Washington State dedicates its first US Bike Route

Click here  Foxx launches pedestrian and cyclist safety initiative

Click here  UK starts EV Rapid Charge Network project

Click here  I-95 Corridor Coalition to get expanded real-time information

Click here  Next-generation truck screening at the World Congress

Click here  Pennsylvania gets statewide streaming traffic video

Click here  Australia expands real-time traffic network

Click here  Traffic sensing system adds speed, class and count

Click here  JV team selected for Florida's Ultimate Project

Click here  Cloud-based traffic management software for cities of all sizes

Click here  ATC is designed for future intersections

Click here  Germany to pilot ‘Section Control’ speed enforcement

Click here  Abu Dhabi presents ITS plan at World Congress

Click here  New partnership will collaborate on Smart City systems

Click here  UK Transport Secretary visits charity-run sign facility

Click here  Bill Ford addresses ITS Congress

Click here  NYC has world’s biggest traffic control system

Click here  Michigan aims for largest deployment of V2X technologies

Click here  New traffic monitoring and incident reporting tools

Click here  Sao Paulo unifies traffic data

Click here  Cooperation with constructors key in traffic signaling schemes

Click here  Delphi to offer V2X communication technology

Click here  New desktop video-wall system enables traffic monitoring

Click here  Kapsch demonstrates V2X and back-office toll systems

Click here  New smart parking system developed for universities

Click here  New ITS pilot in India

Click here  Huge surge in Uber sign-ups following German ban

Click here  I-94 gets truck parking information system

Click here  Double acquisition brings apps into urban mobility ‘family’

Click here  Swiss robot can inspect undersides of bridges

Click here  VEDAT project will use ‘Big Data’

Click here  Safety innovation to launch at GHSA meeting

Click here  JV to start major Texas project in 2015

Click here  Contest launched to accelerate ITS development

Click here  Balfour Beatty sells Parsons Brinckerhoff

Click here  Solar-powered DMS wins ITS award

Click here  Minnesota uses traffic sensing system to reduce rural crashes

Click here  Iran’s second city develops ‘smart parking’ system

Click here  New bus-lane enforcement program to be introduced Cambridgeshire, UK

Click here  Versatile new WIM data logger has multiple applications

Click here  Laser sensor system tested in Australia

Click here  Trailer trial aims to boost road freight capacity

Click here  HAD to be demonstrated in Detroit

Click here  Company reveals role in Massachusetts ORT project

Click here  UK Government aims to ‘democratize’ parking

Click here  Partnership to accelerate connected driving technologies

Click here  San Carlos expands smart parking deployment

Click here  UK deploys more EV infrastructure

Click here  MMITSS to be demonstrated in V2X environment

Click here  ATMS equipment to be deployed on Belgrade Bridge


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