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ITS California reaches out to Silicon Valley's key players

With less than a week to go till ITS California's Annual Meeting (which takes place September 21-23 at LAX Hilton) Bernie Wagenblast, of our associate webcaster Transportation Radio, caught up with Josh Peterman, the chairman of ITS California (pictured). In the clip below Peterman reveals how ITS California is now reaching out to tech companies like Google and Waze to bring them into the ITS community, and how a representative from Google will be giving a keynote address at the Annual Meeting. To hear the full interview, click here.

September 2015



EXCLUSIVE: ITS World Congress prepares to welcome space industry

As the biggest event in the ITS calendar draws near (the World Congress begins in Bordeaux on October 5) we bring you the inside story on what to expect, from some of the key figures on the organizing committee. Below you'll find an audio extract from Traffic Technology Today deputy editor Lauren Dyson's chat with Eric Sampson CBE (pictured), a founding member of ERTICO - ITS Europe and one of its senior advisors. You’ll hear Sampson is particularly excited about welcoming representatives from the space industry for the first time. This is just a taster of the full preview, which includes no less than 22 highlights to watch out for at the 22nd World Congress, and also features insights from ERTICO's Rasmus Lindholm and congress director Didier Gorteman. To read our full preview article, click here.

September 2015



Connected vehicles and data security

Connected vehicle sensors will create a huge amount of data. Gavin Kenny from IBM’s security division takes a look at the security concerns associated with connected vehicles, and highlights the key issues vehicle manufacturers should focus on, in order to prevent cyber attacks and threats to private information.

September 2015



MnDOT demonstrates Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System

About 66% of fatal crashes occur on rural roads in the USA. Now Minnesota Department of Transportation is hoping to save lives with this new ITS deployment at high risk intersections. Traffic Technology International magazine will be looking at the subject of rural ITS in more depth in the forthcoming October/November edition. For more on this story, click here.

September 2015



ITS World Congress 2015: program run-through

For anyone wishing to plan their trip to the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux (October 5-9) in detail, this video of a webinar conducted by ERTICO - ITS Europe will make for useful viewing/listening. It gives a full overview of the program, explaining exactly how the week is planned, where and when to look for specific topics and sessions, and how to navigate the exhibition hall. For Traffic Technology International's specific highlights of the event, don't miss our preview feature: click here.

September 2015



The day a Jeep got hacked on the highway

Here's the full story, courtesy of Wired magazine, of the day one of their writers volunteered to have the Jeep he was driving hacked into. It has just been announced that the two men responsible for the cyber-attack, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, will now be joining Uber's Advanced Technologies Center. For more on this story, click here.

September 2015



How to make any trailer transparent

Hot on the tracks of their 'see through roof pillars' concept, JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) is developing a 'see-through trailer', which enables drivers to see exactly what is behind them, even when they are towing a large load. For more on this story, click here.

September 2015



ITS America celebrates 25 years

To mark its silver anniversary ITS America has released this short video taking a look back at its history, and also looking forward to what the future may hold.

September 2015



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